Tsuku Bus schedule and Fare


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Changes to Tsuku Bus from October 1

Oda Shuttle:

  • The location of the Shimo Oshima bus stop has changed.
  • There is a new bus stop at Tadobe.

Yatabe Shuttle:

  • There is a new bus stop at Onigakubo Minami.

The timetable has been revised for the Oda, Sakuoka, Nambu and Yatabe shuttles.

Note: There are no changes for the Hokubu, Yoshinuma, Kamigo, Seibu and Jiyugaoka shuttles.

Hokubu Shuttle Bus(北部シャトル)

Oda Shuttle Bus(小田シャトル)

Sakuoka Shuttle Bus(作岡シャトル)

Yoshinuma Shuttle Bus(吉沼シャトル)

Kamigo Shuttle Bus(上郷シャトル)

Seibu Shuttle Bus(西部シャトル)

Nanbu Shuttle Bus(南部シャトル)

Yatabe Shuttle Bus(谷田部シャトル)

Jiyugaoka Shuttle Bus(自由ケ丘シャトル)

Kukizaki Shuttle Bus(茎崎シャトル)


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